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RDA’s longstanding interest in insects cultivated in him an eye for minute detail. The crickets he knew so well, for instance, had in some cases diverged so recently that their morphological differences were barely perceptible. His artistic talents resulted in him contributing substantially to the most important and comprehensive textbook of entomology at only 22 years of age.

1951. Illustrations for An Introduction to the Study of Insects by Donald J. Borror and Dwight M. DeLong, Ohio State University (1954 edition): 80 outlined, stippled, and line-shaded pen and ink illustrations.

As RDA mentioned in his 2003 cv, “This job was terminated prematurely by a perfectly rational decision by the Piatt County, Illinois, Military Draft Board that corn picking in Illinois is more important than graduate school in Ohio, whether or not the latter includes scientific illustrating.”. In 2008 he added, “Two more illustrations were solicited for the post-2007 edition of this outstanding textbook, in print continuously since 1954.”

Some of RDA’s illustrations are indeed still in print in the 7th edition of Borror and DeLong’s Introduction to the Study of Insects, by Charles A. Triplehorn and Norman F. Johnson (2014), such as the katydid sound producing morphology to the right, and the field cricket below. Unfortunately, acknowledgements in the 1954 edition are given to all contributing artists generally, so RDA’s 80 contributions cannot be identified with certainty except for the two pictured here.

[PDF] Bookmark previously distributed with Woodlane Farm book sales. Includes RDA’s most frequently used drawing of a cricket, and his poem “After decades rife with science strife”.
[This bookmark can be printed from the PDF file.]

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