Media: Audio-Visual Presentations


Insect Sounds (Audio, 30 minutes). A WOSU radio program from 1955, while RDA was a graduate student of the show’s director, Donald J. Borror. Courtesy of the Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics.

Stories of Grandpa (Audio, 31 minutes). A cassette tape recording of RDA narrating several stories, often from his childhood or of his father. PhD student and collaborator Dave Marshall describes how he discovered this tape in 2018: “when I was digitizing old field audiocassettes early last year, I came across about a half-hour of RDA narrating short stories. ¬†Apparently when we went out on a field trip in summer 1993 [August 7], Dick grabbed this tape for use in the field and probably forgot about the stories being on the other side (and I forgot about them as well).”¬† The stories are:

      • Tippy’s First Litter
      • The Rabbit’s Heart
      • The Cattle
      • Hunters From Town
      • A Horseback Ride On The County Line Road
      • School
      • The Signal
      • The Ducks
      • The Crow [cut off; probably had been continued on side B, which was taped over].

The Future of Human Behavior (Audio, 28 minutes). From the Complexity Digest Virtual Conference entitled “Illuminating the Shadow of the Future”, Ann Arbor, MI, 23-25 September 2005.

On Spending a Year in Australia with Dan Otte (Video, 56 minutes). From the Dan Otte Symposium at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, 16 June 2009.


If you have audio or video of RDA from a class or speaking engagement and are willing to share it, please contact David Lahti (

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