Dick scratching a colt just where he likes it, on his farm summer 2015

Here are websites or other internet products related to the life and work of RDA. obituary (posted August 22, 2018)

Wikipedia article: Richard D. Alexander

RDA’s page at the University of Michigan Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

RDA’s page at the University of Michigan Library’s Faculty History Project

Article: The Predictive Power of Evolutionary Biology and the Discovery of Eusociality in the Naked Mole Rat (Stan Braude), on the National Center for Science Education website. This article documents RDA’s prediction of the existence and natural history naked-mole rat from evolutionary first principles.

Notice of the National Academy of Sciences Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal (Awarded to RDA in 1971 for “his outstanding fundamental work on the systematic, evolution, and behavior of crickets.”)

The Richard D. Alexander author page at (for buying his books).

The Sociobiology blog 

Singing Insects Of North America page, by Thomas J. Walker. This tremendous resource, in the words of its creator, “had its genesis in the early 1960’s, when R. D. Alexander proposed that the three persons most actively involved in recording the sounds of North American insects cooperate to produce a book entitled The Acoustical Insects of North America, “in sections variously authored” by Richard D. Alexander, Thomas J. Walker, and Thomas E. Moore.” That plan was never implemented… but TJW and TEM produced this in its place, which is certainly more useful and convenient than a book on this topic could ever be.

A Michigan Daily article from May 1, 1959, highlighting the Curators of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, including RDA.  The Michigan Daily is the student newspaper of the University of Michigan.

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